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January 15, 2011

Watching a 3rd

Yesterday was my first day of "childcare".  When Ryan & I decided I would stay home with the kids the option of opening a daycare came up.  One of the friends in our Lifegroup (Bible Study) had just had a baby and was interested in having me watch her.  I agreed to care for her daughter at the first of the year.  At that time Averley would be 3 months and her daughter would be 6 months.  I figured Averley would be in a pretty good routine by then & her daughter would be pretty easy to care for at her age so why not?

The day went pretty smooth - her daughter was off schedule a little from what they had told me but it wasn't anything we couldn't work with.  Her daughter really is a pretty easy child to care for.  We didn't have any issues really other than trying to get her to go down for another nap in the afternoon - once that happened it was smooth sailing.  She is formula fed & on baby food - I forgot how bad the poop smells!!!  I am NOT looking forward to Averley starting solids.  Averley's poop doesn't really smell since she is on breastmilk & Declan's poop is solid and plops right in the toilet so I don't really smell anything with his either.

I wanted to start watching 1 child at first and see how it went.  My biggest fear is Declan not getting the attention he needs/deserves.  It was already a transition for him when Averley was born & now there is another baby that needs attention.  I really need to make sure I take time out during the day to sit & play with him one-on-one.  He's beginning to throw fits like no other & I don't know if it is his age or the lack of attention so throwing the fit gets him attention - even if its not the right kind.

I think I need a date with my son!  Actually, I know I do.  That is my next goal - to have a date with my son.  Not sure what we will do but anything that gets us out of this house will do.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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