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December 14, 2008

11 Weeks!!!

Well - here is my weekly update! I am 11 weeks now and I have gained another inch around my waist! I am now 31 inches!! I weighed in at the doc office at 137.6lbs. I am going to stop weighing myself every week and just go by what the scales at the doc's office says.

I am feeling a heck of a lot better since last week - Thank God! I seem to be thirsty all the THE TIME! That is about all the updates I have for you this week - My next appointment is January 7th.

December 10, 2008

Hearing our baby's hearbeat!!!!

Well, here it is - what we have all been waiting for! To be able to hear the tiny creation inside my belly! This was something truly amazing - we weren't at all prepared for how quickly the nurse came in and just found the heartbeat. We were expecting a whole machine and all the works...guess its not really like the movies! haha - The "machine" was just a little wand connected to a small handheld contraption. And if you were wondering - the wand was placed on my belly...not somewhere else like I have read and been told....THANK GOD! ;)

The video isn't really much to watch - Ryan was trying to record the heartbeat on his phone and our camera so there really isn't much to see except some of my belly...a little shot of me...then my gown...he was a little preoccupied. But here it is!!! Enjoy :)

December 9, 2008


Okay everyone - I know I usually post a new pic and an update of my changes every Sunday but unfortunately I have been SICK SICK SICK since Sunday. I think I slept about 18 hours on Sunday - stayed home from work Monday and today (Tuesday)...which means I didn't make any money! AHH! God will provide - He always does. I've just been a mess - I've been a whiney little baby and Ryan has taken such good care of me. He is one amazing man with a love for his wife that I cannot even begin to describe. I love him so much - with the way he treats me how can I not? He is the perfect man for me. I have no complaints. He truly is something special.

Okay - I thought I would give Ryan a shout out since he has been putting up with my crap for the past few days...well, really for the past 4 years! haha

Tomorrow at 9am I will be going to my first appointment!! Ryan and I will hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time and we could not be more excited. I wish I felt better, but it is what it is. So tomorrow I am hoping to have enough time between coming home from work and Bible study to post some pics and hopefully a video. YAY!!! See you all then! oh, please pray that my body gets some healing!!

November 30, 2008

Oh my - I've gained an inch!

Okay - I am now 9 weeks along in my pregnancy. I am getting a belly that I cannot keep sucked in anymore! I weigh and measure myself every Sunday. My beginning measurement and weight was 29" and 139lbs. I am NOW - 30" and 141.2lbs!!! Just last week I was 29 1/4" and 140.8lbs. So I have gained 3/4" in just 1 week!!! I am growing so fast!!! Well, I mean, our baby is growing fast! My first appointment is December 10th at 9:30am. So wish me luck, or pray for me, pray for our child, or whatever!! haha!!! I am getting so anxious to see and hear our little baby for the first time. Having a life being created within you has got to be the most amazing thing ever. I am so blessed. And amazed at God's awesome power.

November 23, 2008

Telling Ryan's Grandma Caylor & Aunt Becky

Here is our latest video! I believe we have told everyone we can tell now!! Geesh! This is Ryan's Grandma Caylor and Aunt Becky. Ryan's mom told us they were all going to be at Donato's so we thought it would be perfect to just show up like we were getting pizza and just happened to run into them. I had tried to figure out some sort of way to tell them and earlier in the day I had attempted to suck in my belly...but the belly didn't exactly go away. So I thought I would show them what I can do with my belly and see if they can figure out why it is like it is:

So what do you think?!? That was fun! :) Now that everyone has been told I think I will now give you updates on how I am feeling and doing and post some pictures on here. Sounds like fun! :)

November 9, 2008

Telling Ryan's dad and Aunt Karen

Okay everyone - here is our latest video from us telling our family we are having a baby!! This is Ryan's dad and Aunt Karen...We acted like we were taking a picture - here it is:

So...yeah....There ya go. Not exactly the reaction we would have liked but I guess everyone has to process it in their own way.....I don't have much else to say with this blog...sorry.

November 6, 2008

Telling Ryan's mom

Hello everyone!! So this past Sunday we met up with Ryan's mom - Debbie. Our plans were to meet up after Church to have lunch. Well, surprise surprise!! She showed up at Church! We had not yet told her about our exciting news...but EVERYONE in the Church knew since our Minister announced it to everyone during service the previous week. So, I'm sure you can imagine our nervousness that someone was going to come up to us, right in front of Debbie, and say..."So how ya feelin'?? How's the pregnancy going?? Any morning sickness yet??" Yeah...we were terrified! Luckily I was able to kind of inform those around us that Debbie didn't know yet so no news was spilled - and we bolted out of there as soon as service ended!

At lunch, Ryan had the bright idea to act like he was looking for some picture on our camera so he could get the video started. At that point this is where the video starts:

Yup...she's excited! And can't wait for us to tell her sister and mom (our Aunt Becky and Grandma Caylor). They don't know yet so....shhh!!!! We plan on telling them in a couple weeks.

We also have yet to tell our other Aunt and Ryan's dad. So...shhh!!! We will tell them when we are ready!!

October 31, 2008

The first addition to our family (other than our dog, lol)

Well - hello everyone!! Ryan and I found out we will be adding to our family!! This is such an exciting time for Ryan and I!! We hope to have weekly updates posted on our blog with video and pictures!! So stay tuned!!!

In the first video we acted like we were taking a picture so we could get the video started. Ryan was completely unaware of what was going on! Guys are great at not paying attention! haha - The build up is to have a reason to whip out a card a friend of mine made for me to help tell Ryan the news. Ryan was under the impression that I was not pregnant and that we had another month of "trying" ahead of us. The card is a "sympathy" card for that reason. Check out how long it takes Ryan to figure things out....

Pretty good, huh?? Did you notice all of the people in the restaraunt clapping for us?!? It was great!

This second video is us telling my family. I had, again, lied to all of them and told them I wasn't pregnant. I was "so bummed out" about it I just wanted to get together with the family. (haha) So we went bowling. Ryan was "recording me getting a strike" when in all actuality he was just getting the video ready. The shirt I have on says, "Baby On Board" and has a sparkly heart on my belly. Listen to my sister...she is in utter disbelief!