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November 23, 2008

Telling Ryan's Grandma Caylor & Aunt Becky

Here is our latest video! I believe we have told everyone we can tell now!! Geesh! This is Ryan's Grandma Caylor and Aunt Becky. Ryan's mom told us they were all going to be at Donato's so we thought it would be perfect to just show up like we were getting pizza and just happened to run into them. I had tried to figure out some sort of way to tell them and earlier in the day I had attempted to suck in my belly...but the belly didn't exactly go away. So I thought I would show them what I can do with my belly and see if they can figure out why it is like it is:

So what do you think?!? That was fun! :) Now that everyone has been told I think I will now give you updates on how I am feeling and doing and post some pictures on here. Sounds like fun! :)

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