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October 31, 2008

The first addition to our family (other than our dog, lol)

Well - hello everyone!! Ryan and I found out we will be adding to our family!! This is such an exciting time for Ryan and I!! We hope to have weekly updates posted on our blog with video and pictures!! So stay tuned!!!

In the first video we acted like we were taking a picture so we could get the video started. Ryan was completely unaware of what was going on! Guys are great at not paying attention! haha - The build up is to have a reason to whip out a card a friend of mine made for me to help tell Ryan the news. Ryan was under the impression that I was not pregnant and that we had another month of "trying" ahead of us. The card is a "sympathy" card for that reason. Check out how long it takes Ryan to figure things out....

Pretty good, huh?? Did you notice all of the people in the restaraunt clapping for us?!? It was great!

This second video is us telling my family. I had, again, lied to all of them and told them I wasn't pregnant. I was "so bummed out" about it I just wanted to get together with the family. (haha) So we went bowling. Ryan was "recording me getting a strike" when in all actuality he was just getting the video ready. The shirt I have on says, "Baby On Board" and has a sparkly heart on my belly. Listen to my sister...she is in utter disbelief!