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January 25, 2009

17 weeks and counting......

I guess I will write in blue today since Ryan and me both feel as if we are having a boy....I guess we will find out soon enough - February 4th! I can't wait - we both can't wait....actually everybody we know can't wait!!! haha I don't know about you guys but there are a few very exciting times in our lives to celebrate: births, marriages, graduations....things like that - these all effect our lives while living obviously...but there is one thing that we do that effects us not only while we are living but after we die and that is choosing to follow Christ. That's what my sister did today and I couldn't be more excited! She now has a "re-birthday" so to speak - and that is January 25th! So congrats to my sis - Happy Birthday and welcome to the family!

Okay - I had to share my excitement with everyone and give my sis a "shout out"!! Holla!!!
Back to business...I feel like I write the same 'ol same 'ol stuff on anyone actually reading this stuff or is it just my mom that faithfully checks this blog every Monday morning to see if I have posted a new one? I can always count on her to let me know I didn't post a new blog! :)~ (Love ya mom!)

So here is my 17 week picture - I gained an inch from last week (which I didn't post a picture because I somehow saved it on my cameras hard drive and I don't feel like trying to get it off at this point). I am now 33 inches - which means I have gained a total of 4 inches since we started this lovely journey.

January 10, 2009

FINALLY! We're back! 15 Weeks! know its been about a month since I last posted. But, please, let me explain. all know how hectic it can be during the holidays - enough said. THEN - to get sick during the holidays...not so much fun. AND THEN - our computer has a it has been very frustrating to do anything on it right now. I have gathered enough patience to do this posting because it has been too long since you all got an update. So here it is.....

January 1st I took a picture - I look horrible in it because we had a New Year's Eve party and friends of ours stayed until about 2:30am. Yeah...way too late for a pregnant chic. But...I took it anyway and I will post it down below so you can compare the difference between January 1st pic and January 10th pic.

On January 7th I had my second appointment. I weighed in at 138.9lbs so I gained 1.3lbs since my last appointment 4 weeks prior. The baby's heartbeat is about 150 beats per minute - its always cool to hear that beat! I gained some much useful I can eat salami and deli meat! I've had so many people tell me I shouldn't or can't or to stay away from it and articles on the web....but, many of you mom's out there ate deli meat while you were pregnant?? And your child is fine right??? Okay...I'm eating my salami! I also learned that I do not carry the cystic fibrosis gene...good knews for our baby!

My next appointment...the BIG February 4th at 7:30am. I will be getting an ULTRASOUND!!! all of you who have had so many guesses on what gender baby we are having - you will know that day. Well, we will know that day - Ryan and I might just hold off on telling you guys until we want to. hahaha - JUST KIDDING!!! I bet you want to smack me don't ya?? I couldn't do that to you guys...its as exciting for us as it is for you...or vice versa...whatever.

Okay, well - here are the two pictures. The first one - which I look completely exhausted is from January 1st. I measured in at 31 1/4 inches. The second picture is from today - January 10th. I measured in at 31 3/4 inches. So far I have gained a total of 2 3/4 inches. Lucky pants don't fit anymore and my shirts are amazingly getting shorter and shorter! haha - guess I'll be going maternity clothes shopping soon. definitely is a difference. Don't ya think?