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February 25, 2009

20 Weeks!

Okay - purple it is today! So here is my 20 week update! I'm really almost 22 weeks (this Saturday, 28th) - but this is the soonest I could get anything on here. Its been a pretty busy couple of weeks!! I'm just really glad it was nice enough outside today to take Neko on a walk!! She loved it - except there was this nasty looking chow chow dog roaming around that obviously broke loose from its chain since it was dangling from its collar. He didn't like Neko too well and I thought he was going to chase us heart was pumping cuz I didn't know what I would do! Luckily the dog got side tracked by some poop by a mailbox. Lucky us! Thanks to the dog that chose to poop there!!

Anywho - my next appointment is in 1 week - March 4th. I'll get to see how much weight I've gained...woohoo! I'm thinking about getting Declan's
room painted next week but I'm kind of lost at what to do with it right now. I'm not sure what color or anything right now! I guess we'll figure something out.

Ryan and I were talking about Neko and how we are hopeful she will react in a positive way towards Declan and not a jealous way. A co-worker gave a bright idea! About 1 month before I'm due start carrying around a baby doll and treat it like I would Declan. Might be kind of weird trying to get the baby doll to breas
tfeed but whatever...KIDDING!!! HAHA - I thought that was funny. Anyway - I think its a pretty good idea.

So here it is - my 20 week picture. I really think I'm growing out below my belly button. I measured 33 1/2 inches - which is the same from 1 week before. So my guess is I'm just not growing that much there - yet....I do think I'm carrying low though!

February 11, 2009

19 Weeks!!!

So we are definitely having a boy!! :) Yay! I'm so excited to get Declan's room ready for his arrival!! So...who thinks I'm gonna pop early?? Late?? On-time?? We'll see!!! I just can't wait for it to happen!!! What's it going to be like?? What am I going to be doing when my water breaks?? All of these questions I am so anxious to answer!!

Well - are my 19 week pictures. I only gained 1/2 an inch from 2 weeks ago. But I am measuring around my belly button and I really think I'm starting to poke out there a little bit below my belly button...what do you guys
think? I weighed in at 143.6lbs at the doc last week - so I'm gaining weight slow and steady.

Well - until next time!!! :)

February 6, 2009

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like Ryan and I were right about our feeling! We have a boy in my belly!!! His name is Declan Thomas Worl - and we cannot wait to be able to hold him in our arms!!!

The ultra sound was amazing. I am pretty sure if I had one at home I would be using it every day. I could watch my baby move around and see his little hands and feet all day. I really don't think there is anything more amazing
than to see your growing child before he is born. We a video of it we are trying to get transferred from VHS to DVD - as soon as we do that we will put it on here so all of you can see the ultrasound as well!

Ryan and I both cried - it was a very emotional moment that I am so happy to be experiencing with him.

Here are a couple of the ultrasound pictures - a profile view and then the "BIG SHOT" that made daddy proud! :)

So here he is - Declan Thomas Worl. According to the ultrasound my due date is July 1st....we are still hoping for July 4th! :)

Here is a video of my family finding out we are having a boy! :) I wanted to tell them all in person and Ryan couldn't wait to tell his family so we told all of his family right after the appointment. We made my family wait until that evening! hahaha I just love the excitement of it all.

So there it is....don't you just LOVE my dad's reaction to Declan's name?? haha - Trust me, we have gotten a lot of mixed reactions about it and we are okay with that. We love it and that is all that matters!!! That's all for now - I will be posting an updated belly pic this weekend!