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December 9, 2008


Okay everyone - I know I usually post a new pic and an update of my changes every Sunday but unfortunately I have been SICK SICK SICK since Sunday. I think I slept about 18 hours on Sunday - stayed home from work Monday and today (Tuesday)...which means I didn't make any money! AHH! God will provide - He always does. I've just been a mess - I've been a whiney little baby and Ryan has taken such good care of me. He is one amazing man with a love for his wife that I cannot even begin to describe. I love him so much - with the way he treats me how can I not? He is the perfect man for me. I have no complaints. He truly is something special.

Okay - I thought I would give Ryan a shout out since he has been putting up with my crap for the past few days...well, really for the past 4 years! haha

Tomorrow at 9am I will be going to my first appointment!! Ryan and I will hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time and we could not be more excited. I wish I felt better, but it is what it is. So tomorrow I am hoping to have enough time between coming home from work and Bible study to post some pics and hopefully a video. YAY!!! See you all then! oh, please pray that my body gets some healing!!

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