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December 10, 2008

Hearing our baby's hearbeat!!!!

Well, here it is - what we have all been waiting for! To be able to hear the tiny creation inside my belly! This was something truly amazing - we weren't at all prepared for how quickly the nurse came in and just found the heartbeat. We were expecting a whole machine and all the works...guess its not really like the movies! haha - The "machine" was just a little wand connected to a small handheld contraption. And if you were wondering - the wand was placed on my belly...not somewhere else like I have read and been told....THANK GOD! ;)

The video isn't really much to watch - Ryan was trying to record the heartbeat on his phone and our camera so there really isn't much to see except some of my belly...a little shot of me...then my gown...he was a little preoccupied. But here it is!!! Enjoy :)

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