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January 10, 2011


Finding out I'm pregnant with #2
I just like this video :) Peyton is his girlfriend in Georgia
Hearing baby #2's heartbeat for the first time!
Declan walking with his toy
Gender Reveal Party for #2!
Declan doing the baby bounce dance
Declan figuring out how to clap
Ryan made up a song for Declan during bath time
Declan's first time in the pool
Declan's 1st birthday cake
29 weeks - baby girl moving in my belly
29 weeks
Declan is excited daddy is home
Declan's 1st steps
Averley moving in my belly - 35 weeks
Declan & his sticker
The debut of Averley! 9 days old
Averley rolls over - 6 weeks
Declan gets dizzy!
Averley talking - 7 weeks
Declan dancing to his favorite TV show
Averley talking- 3 1/2 months
Averley talking some more - 4 months

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