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March 3, 2011

Sick kids - Tired parents :(

It all started with a cough on Saturday, February 26th.  That cough turned into sneezing, runny nose, more cough - by Tuesday Declan had a 103.5 fever.  Averley had started with the cough, sneezing & runny nose as well but no fever.

We rotated Tylenol & Ibuprofen all day Tuesday, by the end of the day he was running around like he was fine.  You could tell he wasn't though - he still had that puffy face & glossy eye look about him.  He went to bed that night with a temp of 99.4.

Averley....she was having many issues with sleeping that night.  Her cough was waking her up, she was choking on her saliva, snot was running down her nose, she was a mess.  Her & I camped out on the couch all night since the only way she was able to fall asleep was laying on my chest.  By midnight I ended up stripping us both down so we could do some skin to skin & give her easy access to the human pacifier.  I was hoping that would soothe her at least a little.  That night I got less sleep than I did in the first few weeks of having a newborn.  I was exhausted & so was Averley.

By mid-day Wednesday, Averley was such a mess she just cried for an hour.  She couldn't sleep, she was exhausted, coughing constantly, crying because it hurt to cough, on and on and on.  At one point I cried with her - I felt terrible.  I'm the mommy, I'm suppose to be able to heal everything, to make my children feel better, that is my job, my duty - I couldn't.  I felt so helpless & hurt for my baby girl.  Not to mention I was very sleep deprived.  

Ryan finally called the doctor & set up an appointment for both kids Thursday morning.  Thursday night went a little better, but Averley was still up more than she normally is.  She actually puked from coughing so hard when Ryan was up with her.  She slept from 7pm-10:30pm, went back to sleep around 11pm, back up at 1am from coughing but put herself back to sleep.  Up again around 1:30am from coughing, put herself back to sleep.  Woke up again at 3am to eat, diaper change, back asleep at 3:40am.  Up at 5am - went back to sleep at some point (Ryan had her) then woke back up at 5:45am.  I was able to catch up on a little bit of sleep until 7:15am but I am still exhausted.

The doctor visit went better than expected - Declan does not have the flu, but does have an ear infection & bad cold/cough.  We are treating it with antibiotics, benadryl, Ibuprofen & honey.  Averley has a bad cough/cold & is teething....can't really do much for her except try to soothe her as much as we can.

I do have a Baltic Amber teething necklace in the mail - really excited for that to come in & see if it works as well as everyone says they do.  It can't get here soon enough!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for this house....we are all so tired & on edge.

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