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February 15, 2011

Pee Pee tales.....& other fun stuff :)

The other night we were getting the kids ready for bath time.  Ryan had the bath water running, Declan was in the tub & I was holding naked Averley while Ryan got things ready to lay Averley in the tub.  Apparently Ryan took too long because all of a sudden I felt warmth on my arm/wrist that dribbled down onto my socks.  Lucky me - I got peed on.  As Ryan sat there laughing at the situation I remembered the time he got "sprayed" when Declan was a baby:

That was pretty funny stuff when it happened :)  Ryan's giggles soon turned around on him when later on after bath time Declan gave him another nice spray!  We have a little bit of diaper free time before bed time & I guess Declan had his diaper off for too long.  All of a sudden Ryan feels warmth on his foot - Thank you Declan for letting mommy have a good laugh!  The siblings ganged up on the parents already at this young age.

Being able to stay home with my kids is so rewarding & so much fun!  Its something new every day that makes me smile.  Today Declan went pee pee on the potty all on his own.  He wanted his diaper off and he sat down on the potty.  Nothing happened the first 5 times he sat down but he finally went pee pee after about 20 minutes of diaper free time.  We did our little reward dance & clapped.  It was so great.  Then 5 minutes later he peed on his toy car & then really let it go soon after that all over the couch, floor & his foot.  He cried about that, haha.  Its just another day of fun cleaning up pee!

Declan was full of cuteness today.  What was suppose to be nap time turned into babbling at who knows what in his crib & JUMPING in his crib!  I caught him actually jumping in his crib - hilarious to open up his bedroom door to see him up in the air and land on his little tush grinning ear to ear.

After getting him out of his trampoline...err...crib, he proceeded to copy me as I got on my tip-toes to see out the top of the front door.  He walked up to the door, put his hands on it just like I did, got on his tip-toes & lifted his chin up just like I did to try to peer out the window.  Of course, he is WAY too little to even come close to seeing out the window but it was so stinkin' cute.  I love him!!

It is so fun watching Declan interact with Averley - he is always bringing her toys & its even better watching him try to give her the pacifier.  He does everything he can to try to get it in her mouth.  I'll have to load the video up later, so cute!

Yesterday - Valentine's Day - I got a special treat!  Getting to see Averley roll back-to-belly for the first time!  Ryan got that special honor with Declan so it was nice to be able to experience this "first" first :)  Today she was just a rolling machine.  There was no keeping her on the play mat - she just wanted to roll & roll.  She also tried bananas today.  This is her second food - she first tried avocado which she seems to really like.  Bananas she liked but I don't think they sat well with her belly.  I love making her food for her!  That is another blog for another day!

My kids are awesome & I love every second of being with them!

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