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March 9, 2011


After many, many, MANY months of dadadada dada da da dadadada..dada? dada? dada? dada! DADA!  FINALLY Declan has learned to say mama.  We have been working with him a lot on his words since he doesn't talk much yet but 'mama' was the 1st priority, of course.  The funny thing is how he says it.  He is so proud of himself when he says it, mostly because I just beam with excitement every time I hear it come out of his mouth - it always takes me a minute to realize what he just said since I'm not used to hearing it.  But he will say it, and its not just a plain old, "mama" - its Declan's own, unique way of saying my name.  It mostly sounds like 'maw' or 'maaah' with an 'a' that sounds like how you say apple.  Its hilarious & as often as he says it now, when I'm sitting next to him, when I walk out of the room, when I'm on the toilet, you get the point I sometimes wish he didn't know how to say it! haha - not really, but it is kind of funny to hear him say 'maah!!' 

He's also added 'cheese' to his vocabulary.  His words are coming along, although slow, but he's getting there.  I think he is just making sure he knows what everything is before he really starts putting them into words.

Declan does this sound - its almost like his "yes" when we ask him a question & he wants to do it or wants a certain food we asked him about.  It is the cutest thing ever because his face lights up, he makes the sound & the shape of his mouth when he says it just makes me smile.  He is so darn cute - I love him to pieces!!!

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