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March 14, 2009

24 week update!

So...finally...I get my camera back from Ryan so I can get some pictures on here! Ryan was in Mexico City for a week on a missions trip and when he came back he had a ton of pictures to load on here and get sent to everyone. So here I am, 24 weeks along. I had my last appointment 2 weeks ago. I weighed in at 150.6lbs which means I have gained a total of 13lbs so far. My waist is 36 1/4 inches!! I was at 33 1/2 inches just 4 weeks ago!! No wonder my clothes are getting tighter!! hahaha - I really need to go buy some maternity jeans - mine just are not fitting right anymore! The baby's heart rate was about 140 bpm - which is perfect. My next appointment is on April Fool's Day! ha! I will be taking the test to see if I have gestational diabetes. Wish me luck because I would die if I did have it....I need my sweets!!! That would mean I wouldn't be eating dessert at Karen's on Sunday anymore...:( So lets just pray that it doesn't come back that I do have it!

Here are my pictures - enjoy!!! Yes...I am wearing the same shirt as I did 4 weeks ago...its my favorite.

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