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March 23, 2009

25 weeks!!! Gettin' closer! it is - my updated photo. 25 weeks and counting....I am 36 1/2 inches around now! My belly button is poking out more and more each week and its getting harder and harder to sleep! UGH! lol - someone told me my sleepless nights now from the big uncomfortable belly and the getting up numerous times to pee and the leg cramps are all God's nice little way of getting me prepared for the sleepless nights to come! You know what...I'd rather sleep now!!! lol Oh well....its all for the wonderful blessing of LIFE. I have an appointment on April Fool's Day...that ought to be fun. We know quite a few people who are pregnant or have been pregnant and I want them all to know that our prayers are with all of you - from those who's child is now in God's arms, to those who didn't necessarily plan this but know it is still a blessing to bring a child into this world and are excited to begin a new chapter in their life and to those who have planned and planned for this like Ryan and I!! I know we are all scared in our own ways and have our fears - but always know that God is right there with us all, comforting us and guiding us.

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