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December 30, 2011

NIP - The Big Debate!

NIP = Nursing In Public

Here we go.....the big debate.

If you haven't heard about the nationwide Nurse-In at Target stores that happened on December 28th, 2011 then you have been living in a hermit shell.  It all started by one woman, Michelle Hickman, who was shopping in her local Target store when her infant woke up hungry.  She found an area in the women's clothing department, sat down and began to nurse her hungry child - completely covered by a blanket.  A Target employee asked her to move to a dressing room & when Michelle said no the harassment began.  You can read more about her story here.

Now, many of you may not understand what the big deal is.  Just stop what you are doing, get up and move to the dressing room.  Right?  Wrong - You try unlatching your barracuda who has already begun to scarf down his meal.  Not only that, but the process of milk let down, foremilk & hindmilk - its kind of a big deal!  Interrupting the entire process could make for a very unsatisfied baby, leading to crying & crabbiness.  Which would you rather have in your public place?  A satisfied, relaxed baby or one that is crying and fussy?  Mmmhmmmm....I think I know the answer to that one.

So why not just head to a private place when your child is hungry instead of starting to nurse in such a public area?  Babies don't understand "You have to wait until I can make it to a more private area, sorry!"  When they are hungry they are hungry NOW.  Making them wait any longer than what is necessary to pull up your shirt and get latched on will seem like FOREVER for your baby.  Not only that, but usually when you are out and about with your child you are doing so because you need to - like grocery shopping or Christmas shopping.  You will, more than likely, have a cart full of items that you don't want to leave.  If its groceries - there is probably dairy or frozen foods.  If a mom can shop & nurse at the same time, doesn't it make more sense for her to do so instead of leaving her cart full of perishable items to go "nurse in private"?

Besides all this - Nursing is Normal.  It is not sexual, it is not the same as showing your butt, having sex in public or running around naked.  The act of nursing is about nourishing a child.  Giving a baby sustanence.  A baby cannot live without food....drrrrrr.  Comparing breastfeeding to anything is just ridiculous & absurd.

NIP is legal in the state of Indiana & almost all the others. 
Breastfeeding Law:

Not withstanding any other law, a woman may breastfeed her child anywhere the woman has a right to be. Source: Indiana Code 16-35-6-1 Chapter 6, Sec. 7

But what about a woman showing her breast in public?  That isn't right!

You're Absolutely Right!
God forbid we try to do something right for our children & provide them with nourishment!  We may just show too much skin.
c/o Melissa Morgan
c/o Melissa Morgan
My challenge to you: 
Give a little thumbs up or smile next time you see a mom nursing her child.  Ask her if there is anything she needs - perhaps she needs the burp cloth that is buried in the diaper bag.  Help us normalize nursing in public instead of giving dirty looks or making a scene.  This is about our children - not anything else.


  1. I give this blog 2 thumbs up!

  2. ^ how about 6 thumbs up!? 2 from me, and 2 from each of my twinnies! :)

    I never really got to leave the house when I was nursing, but I couldn't imagine being harrassed or asked to go somewhere else. That's rediculous. Your sexed up, nasty, boobie-over-drive photos are what's wrong w/ society... I can't understand why flaunting and being trashy is ok, but something as natural and normal as nursing isn't. Seriously. There is nothing sexual about feeding your child.

    And can I just say I love your own personal nursing pictures, especially the one on the right. GORGEOUS! Makes me want to cry, I miss that so much! Also makes me wish I had something like that to remember our bonding time. There's one picture of me in the hospital nursing them simultaneously, but there's nothing "pretty" about it. What an amazing photograph and memory for you to have!