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August 1, 2011

Boo Boos :(

It happened during bath time July 28th - Declan's first really big boo boo :(  He's had his scrapes & bruises, nothing that has ever needed a band-aid (amazingly enough).  This was way worse than anything we have ever seen him do.

Bath time with Declan & Averley - Declan is in the back of the tub, standing up, pouring water on himself & Averley (he thinks its hilarious).  I leave while Ryan takes over & I hear a thud...a squeal, then silence as Declan holds his breath in because he is in so much pain and has no idea what the heck just happened....that silence before the scream.  Breathe Declan, Breathe!  SCREEEAAAMM!!!!  He was NOT happy - and rightly so, I mean, he just busted his face on the hard bathtub!  I run in there, thinking he must have just fallen and scared himself - it was way worse.  He sees me "Oh its mom, mom makes everything feel better, I WANT MOM!"  All he really said was, "Ma" and reached for me but we all know he was thinking it.  His gash looks pretty bad - Ryan & I both agree he needs to be taken somewhere to see if he needs stitches.

I get Declan put together - diaper & clothes put on while Ryan calls the on-call doctor - it was around 7pm.  Oh CRAP!  Averley is still in the bath...alone.  Dear Lord please tell me she is safe.  RYAN!  Averley is still in the bath!!!  He gets her out, we switch kids - he heads to Immediate Care with Declan.

Not even a mile away from our house....sirens.  Ryan's getting pulled over guessed it...SPEEDING!  Well, DUH!  Declan is in the back still crying with blood on his face.  Mr. Officer "Take my time" finally arrives to Ryan's window despite him waving the officer up there to get him to come quicker.  They exchange words, the story, where he was headed and the officer follows him into the parking lot to make sure that is where he was going.  As if the gash & crying toddler wasn't enough proof!

Immediate Care - here's my son, this is what happened, here's the insurance card.  "We don't take your insurance so we can't see your son."  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?  My goodness - this night is just getting better!  Off to the hospital they go!

They arrive at Hancock Memorial Hospital - check in and do what everybody else is doing - sit & wait.  Its 7:30pm - Declan normally goes to bed at 8pm so its already getting close to his bed time.  Not to mention he has a gash on his forehead!  They give Ryan an ice pack - because a 2 year old TOTALLY wants ice cold anything on his face.  Sure...thanks.

Fast forward to 9:30pm - they still have not been seen by a doctor.  Declan is tired, his gash stopped bleeding so Ryan heads home.  We figured we would call the doc in the morning and see what he says.  I ended up taking him up to the office where Ryan works so the docs there could check him out.  They said it looked great, was starting to heal and didn't need any stitches.  

That was a crazy day!

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