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April 25, 2011

Not so Happy Easter :(

Easter weekend - filled with food, fun & family.  Egg coloring, egg hunts, candy, Easter baskets, getting together with family, getting dressed up for church - all a part of the fun Easter weekend.  Unless you lived in our house this weekend!

It began Friday in the early morning hours, somewhere around 1:00am - Averley is crying.  I go & nurse her back to sleep, back to bed I go.  2:15am - Averley is crying.  I go & nurse her back to sleep, back to bed I go.  3:15am - Averley is crying.  I go in to give her her pacifier, she's burning up.  I go get the Tylenol, give her a dose, nurse her back to sleep.  I'm exhausted at this point.  She wakes up again at 6:30am - still very warm.  Declan wakes up with a cough & a slight fever.  And so it begins.....

Declan starts out with diarrhea & a temp of 100.4.  Averley has a temp of 101.5.  This day wasn't too bad, Averley slept quite a bit but Declan only napped for an hour.

Friday night into Saturday morning:

Kids are in bed by 8pm.  Declan sleeps through the night with the occasional cough disturbing his slumber - but ends up sleeping 13 hours.  Averley is up so many times throughout the night I lost count.  At one point Ryan is up with her for an hour as she sleeps on his chest until the dishwasher that was on a delayed start turns on & wakes her up.  Ryan had stripped her down to just her diaper because she was so hot - when the dishwasher woke up her he noticed she had pooped & it had gotten all over his shirt, pants, the couch & her.  Diarrhea.  Yuck.  I wake up & take over to give him a break.  Throughout the night we just keep rotating each time she would wake up.

We called the pediatrician's office & found they were actually open!  Declan had acquired a croupy cough & Averley's temp topped out at 102, Declan's at 101.4.  We took the kids to the doctor around 10:30am.  Ears look fine, breathing sounds ok, throats look good - only thing is they are running this fever, have diarrhea & Declan's cough.  We were told they more than likely have a virus that hits children across the nation around this time of year.  They had seen a lot of it that week (along with strep throat).  They gave us a prescription for a steroid for Declan to help with the inflammation of his vocal cords & told us to continue what we were doing.  Gave us some things to look for in case they didn't get better but for the most part we just have to wait out the virus.

Saturday night into Sunday morning:
Declan slept through the night again.  Averley was up around 2am, I gave her some Tylenol, then she was up again at 3:15 for an hour with Ryan, again at 5:30am with me - at this time she actually fell asleep in my arms while I was rocking her.  I tried to sleep in the chair in her room with her but it was just way too uncomfortable.  I put her down, she wakes up but I leave the room.  I guess she fell asleep because I didn't wake up again until 7:30am.

Oh man - today was the culmination of lack of sleep for everyone.  I don't know if there was a point during this day that Declan was not whining about something.  But it wasn't his fault....he was over tired.  We had Easter lunch at Ryan's Aunt's house at 1pm - only we didn't actually eat until 1:45pm.  Had we known lunch was going to be LATE we would have stayed home a while longer & let the kids take a nap.  Declan was so tired he didn't even want to eat - would have much rather cried.  Poor guy.  They both fell asleep on the car ride over but woke up as soon as we opened the van doors.  By the time we got home at 2:30 both kids were exhausted, crying & I was at my wits end.  I was frustrated that we weren't given a heads up about the late lunch, I was tired from lack of asleep, I was annoyed by all the crying - I needed a nap myself.  Thankfully Ryan was okay with my taking that much needed nap.  I slept for about 2 hours - I probably could have slept longer if I didn't feel a little guilty about taking that nap.

My side of the family was having Easter dinner at my brother's house - I drove over to drop off a broccoli casserole & pick up some left overs for us.  I called everyone in the house & not one person answered the phone....I was already feeling sorry for myself & then nobody answering their phone just made me even more sad.  By the time I got there I was about ready to crack.  My mom, sister & nephew met me at the door & I was so into how awful my whole weekend had been that I couldn't even crack a smile & say Happy Easter to my nephew.  Ridiculous!  I couldn't even really make eye contact with anyone or I would have burst into tears right there.  I got hugs from my mom & sister, grabbed my food & left.

I let it out on the drive home - I let myself cry.  I didn't realize how not being with my family on a holiday made me feel.  Just thinking about how much fun they were having while I was at home with crabby, sick kids.  Then I started feeling sorry for myself again.  Pathetic!

I was so thankful when the kids went to bed - EARLY!  I don't think I could have taken much more.  I'm certain there will be more days/weekends/holidays just like this one & patience for these trying times probably comes over time.  I am so thankful the weekend is over.

It is now Monday - Averley woke up with no fever.  Declan is still crabby but I am putting that on the steroids he is taking, which this is the last day for them.

I'm sure nobody really cares to read my hour by hour weekend, haha - but this is really more to have documentation than anything.  Some day the kids can read this & see everything they have put us through! haha :)~  I love my kids!

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  1. Oh Heather I am so sorry =(. You all were very much missed on Easter, it just did feel right with you guys not there. Your blog made me cry for you. All moms have went thru that trust me. Sleep really does do wonders, and sometimes naps are a must. Im glad things seem to be getting better. I want to see Declan and Averley asap when they are all better. Love you Sis! xoxo