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March 18, 2013

Debt Free Journey Update has been 14 months since we began this "Journey to Financial Freedom." 


You're probably wondering if it has been worth it. All the budgeting, saying "no" to things we want to do, not being able to always get those special things for our children, not going out to dinner as often as we'd like - is it worth it? Is the sacrifice of doing fun things or buying new clothes really worth it?

After 14 months of being on the Dave Ramsey program, I decided to go through each and every one of our bills that accounted for our debt in January 2012. This included Student Loans, Car, Van & Credit Card with a grand total of:


Now, if you've read my last 2 blogs you will see that this starting number has increased each time. That would be due to not taking the time to actually look at our bills and just use our brains to estimate. This number is by far the most accurate & will be used from this point forward!

Back to whether or not the sacrifices we have made have been worth it. I must say there have been times where I wanted to throw in the towel and buy myself some new clothes or take my children some place fun. But NO!!! Cannot - it isn't in the budget.

So, after 14 months of biting my tongue, saying no & monthly budget after monthly budget...has it been worth it? The total amount of debt we have paid off in 14 months:



Seriously - my jaw dropped on the floor when I saw that number last week. How in the WORLD did we do that? Out of the 14 months we have been on this journey I worked part-time for 6 months, we sold our house & purchased a new one, served our awesome God on 2 missions trips and we paid off nearly $24k in debt?!?!


This happened because we have an amazing support system. Our friends & family are SO understanding of how important this journey to being debt free is to us. Without this support it would be so much harder - THANK YOU!

This happened because my husband is a strong leader in our family. His determination & strong will rubs off on me. Without a strong leader who has faith in the plan, everything falls apart. 

This happened because we serve a Mighty God who is so much bigger than us. This journey is all for Him - so that we may be able to better serve Him. Being debt free is a goal - but the true & ultimate goal is to better serve our mighty Savior. Not being a slave to debt is a huge part of that.

Throughout this 14 month journey so much has changed. Things become less important - that new outfit I have the money saved up to purchase is now way too expensive in my eyes. It isn't worth it! Our "NO" we can't do that has become "not yet." We know that some day we will be able to do the things we want to do, purchase the things we want to purchase - that day will come!! Although, when that day comes, I wonder if it will still be important...


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